Why Sclics?

The Sclics brand was born out of our concern that so many cyclists, hikers, bikers and walkers seemed to choose not to avail themselves of the bright yellow reflective safety jackets flooding the market.

 What was needed was something small and portable that you could pop in your pocket,handbag or rucksack, and bring out whenever you required it.

It had to be bright,fun, light and easy to use. It should be easily recognised as a safety symbol. It had to be simple to put on and take off but strong enough to stay in place when used. Large Sclics with 6 magnets are best for cyclists and runners. It had to fit onto anything so it could be worn anywhere. Sclics is our answer.

Where do you use your Sclics?

  • The Large grey /silver Sclics badge was worn by the Shine Marathon cycle stewards two years running to great effect. All the stewards say it works and they’re all still using them!
  • Little Sclics have magnets and can also be used with the key ring. They magnetise to your gate posts or any metal surface.
  • Hurrah my scarf really has a starry glow! How do you wear yours?
  • Position Sclics for best retro reflectivity. Experiment in front of car lights to assess effectiveness. Walking, cycling or hiking all  require different placements.
  • Success! Didn’t feel like I was invisible/going to die on road without lights. Cars actually gave me space. I use large Sclics for max adhesion
* Caution Safety Notice: The 6 Neodymium magnets in Sclics are safe unless swallowed. Please ensure that children and animals do not cut open or chew Sclics. Avoid direct contact with anything that can be damaged by magnetism (pacemakers/CRT monitors/tv’s/credit cards/magnetically stored media).
N.B. Many people believe that wearing magnets promotes health and well being so try it yourself. Click Your Sclics .